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The Air Force in the Vietnam War

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South Vietnamese Air Force Aircraft Losses. 26. USAF Sortie/Loss Rate in Three Wars. 26. Aces and Heros. Vietnam War Aces. 27. Air Force Medal of Honor ...

USAF Personnel Rotation in Southeast Asia (A Chronology) 1961 ...

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The United States Air Force (USAF) during the early stages and buildup of the Vietnam. War, until it was stabilized in 1968. These entries are quoted verbatim ...

Vietnam Security Police Association, Inc.
Vietnam Bases, Thailand Bases, Rosters, K-9 Growl Pad, Submit Stories, Menus .... This Day in the Vietnam War: USAF APS/SPS, Vietnam & Thailand ...

Air Force Colonel Jacksel 'Jack' Broughton & Air Force General John D. 'Jack' Lavelle: Testing the Rules of Engagement During the Vietnam War

United States Air Force in South Vietnam

Bases of the United States Air Force
in South Vietnam (1961-1973)

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Air Force Women in the Vietnam War

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At the time of the Vietnam War military women in the United States Air Force fell into three categories:female members of the Air Force Nurse. Corps (AFNC) and ...

Air Force supported ground troops during Vietnam War

The Secret Vietnam War: The United States Air Force
in Thailand, 1961-1975

This site is dedicated to all U.S. Air Force Vietnam veterans who served in Thailand.

Vietnam War Wounded Arrive at Andrews Air Force Base (1968)

Vietnam War wounded arrive at Andrews Air Force Base 1968

Vietnam War wounded are evacuated to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

Library of Congress / Photo by Warren K. Leffler

The Vietnam War was extremely bloody for the United States, although of course it was much more so for the people of Vietnam (both combatants and civilians). American casualties included over 58,200 killed, almost 1,690 missing in action, and over 303,630 injured. The casualties shown here arrived back in the States via Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, the home base of Air Force One.

Including killed, injured and missing, both North Vietnam and South Vietnam suffered more than 1 million casualties among their armed forces. Shockingly, perhaps as many as 2,000,000 Vietnamese civilians also were killed during the twenty-year-long war. The horrific total death toll, therefore, may have been as high as 4,000,000.I

Air Force pilot missing from Vietnam War identified

9/6/2011 - WASHINGTON (AFNS) -- Department of Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office officials announced Sept. 6 that the remains of an Airman, missing in action from the Vietnam War, have been identified and returned to his family for burial with full military honors.

Maj. Thomas E. Reitmann, of Red Wing, Minn., will be buried Sept. 8 in Arlington National Cemetery, Va.

In 1965, Reitmann was assigned to the 334th Tactical Fighter Squadron deployed from Seymour-Johnson Air Force Base, N.C., to Takhli Air Base, Thailand. On Dec 1, 1965, he was flying a strike mission as the number three aircraft in a flight of four F-105D Thunderchiefs as part of Operation Rolling Thunder. His target was a railroad bridge located about 45 nautical miles northeast of Hanoi. As the aircrew approached the target area, they encountered extremely heavy and accurate anti-aircraft artillery. While attempting to acquire his target and release his ordnance, Reitmann received a direct AAA hit and crashed in Lang Son Province, North Vietnam.

Other pilots in the flight observed no parachute, and no signals or emergency beepers were heard. Due to the intense enemy fire in the area, a search-and-rescue team was not able to survey the site, and a two-day electronic search found no sign of the aircraft or Reitmann.

In 1988, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam repatriated remains to the United States believed to be those of Reitmann, officials said. The remains were later identified as those of another American pilot who went missing in the area on the same day as Reitmann.

Between 1991 and 2009, joint U.S.-S.R.V. teams, led by the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command, analyzed numerous leads, interviewed villagers and attempted to locate the aircraft, officials said. Although no evidence of the crash site was found, in 2009 and 2011 a local farmer turned over remains and a metal button he claimed to have found in his corn field.

Among other forensic identification tools and circumstantial evidence, scientists from the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory also used mitochondrial DNA, which matched that of his brother, in the identification of Reitmann's remains.

For additional information on the Defense Department's mission to account for missing Americans, visit the DPMO web site at or call 571-422-9059.
(Courtesy of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense Public Affairs)

Air Operations Vietnam

During the Vietnam War when a forward air contoller (FAC) was directing an airstrike and had briefed the fighter aircraft, and all participants had identified the target and the location of friendly forces, the FAC issued this clearance to strike the target:

You're Cleared in Hot!

This site presents an overview of air operations throughout South Vietnam during the conflict there as seen through eyes of a forward air controller or FAC. It is intended as a supporting resource for a general course of study on the Vietnam War. While there are personal anecdotes included in this narrative, this is not a journal of my wartime experiences. I can provide only a limited personal perspective on the Vietnam War, specifically, that of a U.S. Air Force forward air controller in the northern two provinces of the Republic of Vietnam during 1968 and 1969. In this site I will attempt to expand on these experiences through links to other resources.

Helicopter operations are not covered here. The outstanding efforts of airmen from all services in rotary wing units are documented extensively elsewhere, and links to those sites are provided. Similarly, the lack of coverage of the South Vietnamese, Australian and Republic of Korea forces is not intended to diminish their contribution. Where possible, links will be provided to appropriate sites. Later additions to this site will cover the air war over North Vietnam and the out of country interdiction effort.


This site is dedicated to the past and the future.

It is dedicated to the airmen of all services and all nations who were lost in the Southeast Asia conflict. May the lessons for which they paid such a high price help guide us into the future.

It also is dedicated to the students of today who seek to learn these lessons. May my efforts here contribute to their understanding.

Tom Pilsch
Trail 32
April 1968-April 1969

The Wild Weasels "Daredevils of the skies"


During the early days of the Vietnam War, the United States Air Force had almost full autonomy over the skies of Vietnam. However, once the Soviet Union and China began arming the North Vietnamese Army (NVA), with advanced Surface to Air missile (SAM) systems, the U.S. domination of the skies was abrubtly challenged. To deal with the new SAM threat, the U.S. Air Force decided to dedicate men and machine exclusively to the SAM's. Thus a new breed of aviator and aircraft were born, the "Wild Weasels."

The purpose of the "Weasels" was to seek out and engage NVA SAM sites, and if possible destroy them. Often times though, the only way the Weasel pilots could locate a SAM site was by getting the NVA to fire a SAM at them, thus revealing their position. Tantamount to a suicide mission, the Weasel missions were amongst the most dangerous sorties of the war. Losses in the Weasel squadrons were among the highest of the war. In the early stages of the Weasel development, the aircraft and its avionics were not ideally suited for this new and dangerous mission. However as the war progressed, the U.S. Air Force developed a dedicated Weasel aircraft, the Republic F-105G Thunderchief. The "Thud" as it is affectionately known to the pilots who flew it, is recognized as the workhorse of the Vietnam War. The men who flew the F-105 love the airplane and from all accounts the aircraft performed superbly throughout the war.

One such Wild Weasel is retired U.S. Air Force Colonel George Acree. Colonel Acree flew the F-105 both as a bomber and a Weasel aircraft. With over 200 missions over North Vietnam to his credit, Colonel Acree was one of a different breed of men. Colonel Acree and the other Weasel pilots flew the most dangerous missions of the war and did so with courage, honor and professionalism. Putting aside the nasty politics that governed the Vietnam War, the Weasel pilots accepted their mission and carried it out faithfully. The men who flew the Weasel missions in the Vietnam War did so to a varying degree of success, but they paved the way for the Wild Weasel program to become a major part of the modern day United States Air Force....

Vietnam War Air Force History
21 Volumes
5,270 pages of United States Air Force history, in 21 volumes, archived on CD-ROM. Some of these titles were produced from formally classified manuscripts. Official history compiled by United States Air Force historians. Some of these volumes can be difficult to find, because they were printed in limited quantities, and intended for a specialized audience. Maps, charts, and photos are used to help document the United States Air Force's role in the Vietnam War.

Vietnam War Aircraft

WAR Battlefield in Motion - USAF Aerial Warfare - Fortunate Son & Bad Company

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A1-Sky Raider aircraft carrier take off landing rescue gunship search and destroy mission gunner rocket grenade launcher

Pilot Recounts Being Shot Down And Rescued In Vietnam


Vietnam War Bien Hoa Air Base and Operation Baker Newsreel


Deja Vu Vietnam: Pt05 (TSN USAF Base)

In this series of videos, we visit past and present Tan Son Nhut Air Force Base, including Republic Street, Radomes, Base Exchange (BX), Hotel 3 Heliport, 7th Air Force HQ, 224th Aviation Battalion Aviation Maintenance Office and Davis Station.


1968 Phu Cat Vietnam Air Force Photos

Phu Cat Air Base, 1966-1968


Phu Cat Air Force Base Vietnam - DCANG 1968-1969 (Part 1 of 3)


Phu Cat Air Force Base Vietnam - DCANG 1968-1969 (Part 3 of 3)


Air force dogs in Vietnam (1968) full dogumentary


Linebacker 2 Hanoi Bombing


In a B-52 bomber over Hanoi, 1 of 5

Operation Linebacker II, in a B-52 bomber over Hanoi, North Vietnam, on December 26, 1972.


In a B-52 bomber over Hanoi, 4 of 5


In a B-52 bomber over Hanoi, 5 of 5

B-52 Dropping Lots & Lots of Bombs - Carpet Bombing

LLots of Bombs being dropped by the B-52 Stratofortress ..Great Footage here ================== Performance * Maximum speed: 560 knots (650 mph, 1,000 km/h) * Combat radius: 4,480 mi (3,890 nm, 7,210 km) * Ferry range: 11,000 mi (8,099 nm, 15,000 km) * Service ceiling: 55,773 ft (17,000 m) * Rate of climb: 6270 ft/min[9] (m/s) * Wing loading: 30 lb/ft² (150 kg/m) * Thrust/weight: 0.51 * Lift-to-drag ratio: 21.5 (estimated)


B-52 Combat Mission over Vietnam


Vietnam War: Arc Light US Air Force B-52 Strike


Vietnam War US Air Force

Some pic from Vietnam War! I have lot of them so I decided tu put only Air Force. Music is from Jimi Hendrix "All Along The Watch Tower" I am not a specialist to make films so if You don`t like it don`t be angry and if You have liked it then I will be happy!


Air Force Time During Vietnam War


Air Force pilot in Vietnam: at war and loving it

From now on, any YT user who leaves a hateful, biased, bigoted, ignorant, racist or xenophobic comment will be blocked. This video is posted only for the purpose of information on what war can do to you, not to cause a pissing contest between nations. I am sorry to say that most people who post that kind of comment are American. Then again the Americans who know better and have a life don't post that kind of comment. That was for all the people who have nicks like "hopeurforfreedom" (no kidding! lol) and "Thud" (sounds "dull" ha ha). And it's OK if those ppl think being blocked by me is a big victory for them. Remember, those are the same ppl who think killing hundreds of thousands of civilians in VN or Iraq by dropping bombs on them is a big victory.
So appreciate the vid for what it is, if you're a human being, not an animal. Take care.

An amazing interview of a USAF pilot "in action" in Vietnam. He is clearly enjoying what he's doing. This is a clip from a 1977 french documentary by Chris Marker, "A Grin Without a Cat" ("Le fond de l'air est rouge").

Une interview incroyable d'un pilote de l'US Air force en pleine « action » au Vietnam. Manifestement, il adore ce qu'il fait. Extrait d'un documentaire de Chris Marker de 1977, « Le fond de l'air est rouge ».


Vietnam: Escalation - Dropping Bombs


Wisconsin War Stories.

F-105 Thunderchiefs in Action in Vietnam - 1966


F-105 Thunderchief over North Vietnam (2:09) TV-PG

Known as the "wild weasel", the F-105 bomber jet was heavily used during Vietnam and a major target for North Vietnamese counter-attacks.

Vietnam War, Danang Air Force Base

002008, 1965, Vietnam War, DANANG AIRFORCE BASE 01:28:31Airforce Jets parked on field01:28:49close up of bomb tally on side of Airforce jet01:29:00Line of Airforce jets on field01:29:06close up of Marines jet with bombs along side01:29:07Pilot suited up walks across tarmac01:29:13Airforce jet starts up engine /black smoke01:29:24close up of pilots in seats with face masks01:29:27Airforce jet rolling out for take-off01:29:30Airforce jet taking off from airstrip, bombers in background01:29:43Marines Helicopter, Soldier conferring with pilot01:29:47Low view of helicopter taking off01:29:53Aerial of rice fields, canals ,


Takhli, RTAB During the Vietnam War: 1964-1970



This enthralling account examines the main roles played by the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War, highlighting both the combat and non-combat operations carried out. From medical care, precisely orchestrated airstrikes and the all important supply run the men, women and machines of the US Air Force were an integral part of the war effort.

The day of a United States Air Force soldier during the Vietnam conflict was anything but routine, as the chaos of war ensured an unpredictable 24 hours. In this documentary we examine the daily roles of a handful of these men including engineers, ground staff, flight crews and those from help and rescue.

Few jobs in the United States Air Force could have the uncertainty or danger than that of the forward air controller, a man whose job it was to fly low over uncharted territories and locate a hostile enemy intent on remaining undiscovered. Once an enemy was detected a flare was sent to pinpoint their location, for further ground or air troops to move in.

In 1965 the 1st Cavalry Division Air Mobile were deployed to Vietnam. Known as the "Sky Troopers", this programme examines the inner workings of the division covering their main mission objectives, the division structure and the logistics involved in keeping them fighting.

Forward Air Controller & The O-1 Bird Dog Vietnam War


Roy Penman, Air Force Veteran - Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm