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U-552 The famed “Red Devil” Boat of Erich Topp
(New 12-16-06)



German submarines surrendering at Londonderry, Ireland May 1945

Photos submitted by Billy Joe Crawford RM 3/C, USS Alexander J. Luke DE 577


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·   Die Fahr der Deutschland von Paul König

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·   German submarines surrendering at Londonderry, Ireland May 1945

·   Galloping Ghost of the China Coast and other fine art prints  

·   German U-boat paintings German u-boats. Click on picture for history, cost, artist and other details. A FRIENDLY FACE, U46 TYPE VIIB, Type XXIII U-Boat in Training, U7. ...

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German U-boat war historical photo gallery depicting the men and the U-boats of the Battle of the Atlantic. German U-Boat Battle of Atlantic Historical Battles U-Boat Tactics U-Boat Personalities Medals ...

·    Hans-Georg Hess hand-signed autograph! 

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·    Kptlt Helmut Pich on bridge of U198

·    Lifelong friends - Gerd Thadter was Skipper of U-466 and Hans-Georg Hess was his I.W.O. until Hess got his own boat, U-995

·   More great videotapes available from Sharkhunters

·   One of the propellers from the German u-boat U-20 which sank the liner 'Lusitania' and brought the USA into WW1. Later the U-boat was stranded and wrecked at Vrist on the west coast of Jutland.

·   Ready for Sea print is the title of a beautiful hand-signed, full-color, fine-art print of Kapitdnleutnant Gerd THÄTER and his boat shortly after they ran the gauntlet through the "Gates of Hell" - Gibraltar!

·   Reinhard Hardegen and his IWO Rudolf Hoffmann signed print available  

·   So hilft dein Geld dir kämpfen!  In U-Boote verwandelt zeichne  Kriegsanleihe!

·   The Fine-Arts print "Convoy in Sight" has the signatures of more U-Boat veterans than any other print  

·   The Loch Ryan U-Boats. A series of unpublished stills from a recently discovered 9mm Home Cini- Camera Film of the German U-boats that surrendered at Loch Ryan. They show the boats on maintenance trips around the Loch and Quay side moorings. (new 12-14-05)

·   The U-Boat Chronicles.  Welcome to the Photographic Album of "The U-Boat Chronicles". I produce a regular quarterly Magazine on the U-boat war, if you would like a copy please get in touch with me at www.flyingtiger630@aol.com  (new 12-14-05)

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·  Type IX U-Boat, 1943

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·  U-boat Captain Peter-Erich Cremer, Fairwell print available

·  U-99s biggest battle art print - One dark night, Otto Kretschmer and his U-99 got into a firefight with two heavily armed British Armed Merchant Cruisers, the LAURENTIC and PATROCLEUS

·  U-505 captured by Task Group 22.3, June 4, 1944

·  Uboote Artistic rendering - U-552 under Erich Topp

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·  Uredd

·  U-Boats on the Stocks. Unpublished photos of in-complete Electro boats on the stocks. Taken after Allied troops took control. I have been fortunate in obtaining these photographs from a then serving soldier who was at the time posted to guard the shipbuilding yards.

·  U-Boat Type IXC/40 by Ingemar Caisander

·  U-Boot War Cartoons - WWI

·  U-8 (new 03-30-06)


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·   U-2540 additional Photos  

·   U-805 after surrender in Portsmouth Naval Shipyard waters 1945

·  U-880 crew on May 11, 1944

·  U-880 crew salute Nazi Flag at Bremen on May 29, 1944

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·  U-869 U-Who was a type IX-C 40 long range German u- boat (new 04-08-06)

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