Son of WWII German U-Boat POW Lothar Spindler is looking for him - can you help find him?

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From: Mervyn Spindler [ ]
Sent: Monday, July 05, 2004 7:49 AM

Dear Sir or Madam:

I would like, and appreciate your help in finding my farther who served on the German u-boats WW11, his name was Lothar Spindler, he was a POW and served his time in Derby England, when he was released.

 He then met my mother and consequently I was born, he was introduced to my grandfather as a polish man and was about to marry my mother, however my grandfather found out he was a German POW it did not go down very well, so what happened will remain lost.

What I was told that my father had to return back to Germany because of his mother was very ill, but he still wrote to my mother but his letters was intercepted by my grandfather so contact was eventually lost.

At the age of high school I was told by my mother that I could no longer use my mothers maiden name but had to use my fathers name, Spindler. This was a very confusing time of my life, because up until this.....