Larry of Tampa Florida asks about a possible Uboat conning tower showing in the waters off the Saint Petersberg west coast area in the 1950s

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I grew up in the Tampa, Fl. area. In the early 50's, my parents used to take a drive down the west coast from St. Petersburg to Sarasota. Off the coast near Sarasota, there was what looked to me like the con of a submarine. My parents said that was what it was. Only the con was out of water. If it wasn't a German sub, then what was it?
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We were contacted by Jim Santos with your question regarding what is thought to be a conning tower. We have all the locations for all the sunken German U-Boats and while the rumor of one sunk off Sarasota (and Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa and just about every other Florida coastal city or town) is glamorous - it just isn't true. I won't go into too much detail about all the romance stories, but I will tell you that every German U-Boat that operated in Florida waters returned safely to their homeport so if they all came home, how many are sunk here? None.

Also remember that a normal WW II submarine of anyone's navy needed a minimum of 20 feet of water when running surfaced. The west coast of Florida is famous for "sailing in sand" which means that you need one mile offshore for each foot of depth of water. It is impossible for any submarine to get close to shore unless in a shipping channel. Many U-Boats did operate in the Gulf off Florida, but they waited well out to sea where they had depth in which to dive, and they got the ships after they left the channels.

Sorry this isn't what you wanted to hear, but it is the fact. Why not check out our website for complete information on the U-Boats.

Go to  and we hope you enjoy what you see.

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Harry Cooper
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