German WWII Type XXI Uboat 2540 Photo Album

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Photos provided by Patrick Howe

His Twin Brother with his Wife are the two people seen in the photos

On-Board Introduction 1

On-Board Introduction 2

Introduction 3

Scale Model of

View outside of

Torpedo Tubes, in Torpedo Room.  The Right one is open end to end. 

This could never happen in real use, since torpedo tube interlocks prevented such to block flooding from sea into the Uboat.


Batteries in view.

 Battery well contained many of these, to power the Uboat underwater and to power all electrical equipment on board while underwater.

Entering Officer's Country from Torpedo Room.

Captain's Cabin

Officer's Berthing

Officer's Berthing, with close-up of upper berth in photo to left

Ward Room 1

Ward Room 2

Water Tight Door

Note how low to deck it is, compared to tourist standing on opposite side.

View into Control Room

Another view of Control Room

Sonar Area in Control Room

The Periscope


Galley, where all food was prepared & cooked

Note photo showing Cook in Galley, preparing a meal.


Enlargement of Galley Photo showing Cook at work

Engine Room piping & control valves

Engine Room engine & control levers

View of Engine Room Equipment 1

View of Engine Room Equipment 2


Last, but. of course, Not Least, the Head (toilet) control