The Great DBF Stories of Torpedoman's Mate Bob 'Dex' Armstrong

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Updated 03-02-06

12 to 4 Topside Watch

A Couple of Old Memories

A Small But Telling Symbol

Adjusting the Screwguards

Adrian Stuke, Ultimate E-3

Anchor Pools

Banishing Boredom

Being a Torpedo Pusher

Bells, The Center of the Universe

Ben Bastura, the Keeper of the Flame

Blackbeard the Smokeboat Snipe

Bluejackets Trav'lin Light

Bubbles - The Goddess of the Main Induction

Bunk Bags

Butt Kits and Battle Lanterns

Cinematic Sub Stuff

Confession is a Rotten Job

Deck Apes or Where is it all now?

Doc Rohre

Dolphins and Some Obligations that Came With Them

Dolphin Recognition

Down Three

Dress Canvas Topside  

E-3 Summit Meetings  

Enginemen… God’s Worst Creation

Eskimo Joe

Give the Boatservice Back Tradition
(New 02-24-06)

God Bless The Aussies
(New 02-24-06)

Hampton Blvd.
(New 02-25-06)

Heave Out and Trice Up

Hogan's Alley
(New 02-25-06)

Home Sweet Home

How to Steal Heaving Lines
(New 02-26-06)

Idiots and Pan-fried Iguana
(New 02-26-06)

Inane Conversation
(New 02-27-06)

It Was Home
(New 02-27-06)

Jack In The Box
(New 02-28-06)

Jury-Rigged Gear and 'Make Do'
(New 02-28-06)

Liberty in the Land of Oz
(New 03-01-06)

Life in a Steel Pipe

Marl "Tinker" Garlock
(New 03-01-06)

Master Chiefs
(New 03-02-06)

Meanwhile, Back at the Snake Ranch
(New 03-02-06)

My Idea of a Sub School Graduation Talk by Bob 'Dex' Armstrong

O'Bryan, the Yo

Off Watch at Sea

Raghats and Running Mates

Real Chief's

Recollections Of An After Battery Rat

Salt Water and Cheese Sandwiches

Skippy Eaters

Submariner's Girl

The Life of a Blanket Thief

The Longest Night
(Loss of the Thresher)

The Men With The Pin

The Old Rascals Will Remember

The Last Smokeboat Cattle Drive

The Smokeboat Navy

The Thinning Ranks of Lockwood's Iron Men 

The Women Who Loved Us

There Was a Time Long Ago

We had Ugly Enginemen

We Were The Last Rats Off The Old Tuna Can Boats