"Intruder signal" on 40 meters disappears

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Since 09-25-04

"Intruder signal" on 40 meters disappears: The odd and unidentified signal that had been reported showing up on the 40-meter phone band on or about 7238 kHz has disappeared just as mysteriously as it arrived earlier this summer.

Numerous amateurs in the western US and Canada had reported hearing the signal over a period of a few weeks. The FCC's High Frequency Direction Finding Facility in Maryland, which had narrowed down the signal's source as somewhere east of Prescott, Arizona, was unable to hear it at all during the day and evening watches on September 16.

Earlier FCC monitoring had indicated the "buzz" was centered on 7238.1 kHz with a bandwidth of about 1 kHz and consisted of a series of discrete signals spaced about 90 Hz apart.

According to an FCC HFDF staff member, a radio amateur in Camp Verde, Arizona, who had reported hearing the signal at nearly 40 dB over S9 a week earlier said it suddenly disappeared, and no one in that area has heard it since.

The signal's presence reportedly generated a lot of discussion on a local repeater, however.

The FCC offered no firm opinion as to the signal's source. Stations with information on unidentified signals in the amateur bands are asked to report them via e-mail to International Amateur Radio Union Region 2 Monitoring System Liaison Chuck Skolaut, K0BOG, <cskolaut@arrl.org> .

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