4-5-04   ICOM of America, Inc. v. Rapid 2 Way

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Case no. 03 CIV 0078

In this case, the Plaintiff, ICOM of America, claimed the Defendant owed $114,000 to Plaintiff on an account for products sold and shipped to Defendant.  Plaintiff sold Defendant hundreds of hand-held radios and accessories. Defendant, Rapid 2 Way, purchased these radios for rent and sale in its business.  Defendant acknowledged that it owed money to Plaintiff on account, however Defendant claimed the Plaintiff supplied it with substandard and defective radios causing damage to Defendantís business. Defendant claimed Plaintiff committed fraud in its representations regarding the radios.

The Plaintiff was represented by Kenneth Baker, Esq., and Michael Slodov, Esq., of Cleveland, Ohio.  The Defendant was represented by Bruce Hall, Esq., of Medina, Ohio and Gregory Beck, Esq., of North Canton, Ohio.


After a thirteen day trial, the jury awarded the Plaintiff $92,915.95 on its claim on the account and attorney fees. 

The jury awarded the Defendant $579,131.83 on its claim of breach of contract and breach of warranty.

The jury awarded the Defendant $774,321.50 on its claim of fraud. The jury further awarded $1,045,837 in punitive damages along with attorney fees.