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 Amateur Radio Organizations in Hawaii

Boston ARC Web page - New England area flea markets, VE Exams, etc.

American Radio Relay League - National association bulletins, news, membership information, and articles on amateur radio.

Badger Contesters - An ARRL affiliated VHF/UHF and Microwave contesting club, covering Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, N/W Iowa, Eastern Minnesota, and the S/W region of the UP of Michigan.

Chagrin Lagoons Amateur Radio Association - High profile UHF repeater on Lake Eire.

Central States VHF Society - The Central States VHF Society (CSVHFS) is a not-for-profit organization chartered in the state of Missouri. It was begun in the mid-1960s to foster amateur radio operation on the bands above 50 MHz.

Great Lakes VHF/UHF Homepage and Newsletter

3830 Mail Reflector - Features archive of contest results with category and callsign designated.

Delmarva VHF and Microwave Society, K8GP and the Grid Pirates Contest Group - V/U/SHF and Microwave Experimenting, Contesting and General Operating Information.

DUBUS Homepage - The VHF/UHF/SHF gang - The pages are written and hosted by G4PMK (the UK DUBUS representative) and have links to the US national representative, the DUBUS technical archives and other related sites.

East Coast VHF Society - Contains news and activities of the "East Coast VHF Society". This organization dates back to the 1950's, and we are trying to generate interest and activity on all the VHF bands from 50 MHz. and up.

Essex Repeater Group - Essex repeater group voluntarily maintains amateur radio repeaters at Danbury in Essex.

German Contest-Site - German Contest-Site with Links to many german and also European Contestgroups

OK2KKW - Czech VHF/UHF Ham Radio Contest Club

IK2CFR VHF Contest Team - QRV from 3264 mtrs. a.s.l.

The Greater Pittsburgh VHF Society - VHF information for greater Pittsburgh

Interlink System - Ham Radio Repeater System in Western New York

EDR (Denmark) - Danish Ham Radio Society

10-10 International - Organization of amateur radio operators dedicated to maintaining high levels of amateur radio communications on the 10-meter amateur band

JARL (Japan) - Japan Radio League

VHF Mailing Lists and Newsgroups

N3LJK/R Grid Rangers HomePage - Put in weak signal section

North East Weak Signalgroup N.E.W.S. VHF-SHF Club - N.E.W.S. VHF-SHF Club

Northern Lights Radio Society VHF-SHF Club (MN)

NRCOCOS - Contesting on 2m/70cm/23cm/13cm - Contest Page of DF1LON DK2CRN DL1ECG DL1ELY Contest team

Pack Rat Home Page - Mt. Airy VHF Radio Club, W3CCX.

San Bernardino Microwave Society - A non-profit technical organization dedicated to the advancement of communications above 1000 MC.

Radio Contest Group Assen PA6C - Site of the Radio Contest Group Assen, a participant of the ARRL VHF/UHF contest with our call PA6C. See our site for our members, operators and some pictures of our portabel contest station.

RSGB - Radio Society Of Great Britain,

Alandia Contest Team - VHF DX from the famous Aland Isl., southern Finland.

DARC (Germany) - German Amateur Radio League introduction, information about the guest licensing procedure, and the regulations and rules, as well as repeater/digipeater frequencies and locations.

Netscape Center VHF links

Rocky Mountain VHF+ Site

The Rochester VHF Group's WebSite.

The Rover Resource Page - Devoted to all things rover, VHF weak signal, and contesting.

SARL - South Africa Amateur Radio League

SETI League Amateur Radio and Radio Astronomy Links

SSA (Sweden) - Swedish Amateur Radio League

University of British Columbia - VE7UBC - University of British Columbia Amateur Radio Society

Villa CG - UK 'V/U/SHF' Contest Group - The activities of the Villa CG (M1CRO/P & G0VHF/P). The group's interests lie in VHF/UHF/SHF Amateur Radio Contesting. QRV: 50 - 70 - 144 - 432 - 1296 - 2320 - 10368. (Building for 6 & 9 cms)

UKSMG Home Page - The UKSMG is dedicated to encouraging amateur radio on 50MHz around the world.

VHF and UHF activity in Hawaii

Waverley ARS - Waverley Amateur Radio Society (Australia)

West Coast VHF Conference info. - The Fullerton Radio Club

YO5KAI - Radioclub Cluj, Romania - Our main activity is in VHF/UHF/SHF, contests, MS, EME and microwave