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Amateur Radio Mobile Noise helpful Info & internet links

AC6V's Amateur Radio & DX Reference Guide

Advanced Antenna Analysts

Amateur Radio World-Wide - NW7US

Banner Exchange - My Favorite Links

Communication Concepts

Electronics and Amateur Radio Links

EZNEC Antenna Software by W7EL

Ham Radio Community Links Loft

HAM Radio Directory & Reference

HamRadio Online

Models 6m to 40m

http://www.mods.dk/ the biggest WWW sites on internet for tips, tricks, and modifications of HAM rigs, HAM modems, etc, and it's free to use

K4PWO's Amateur Radio Page  

K1DWU Dot Net Ham Radio Links 

KO6YQ HAM Radio Index

Old Radio - ARRL QST link

PDARRL ham radio links page
(New 02-13-03)

Peet Bros. Company Weather Stations

Radio Works Discount Center

Raper's Ham Radio Corner
(New 11-09-02)

Team Japan HAM Radio Stations

TRX-Manager HAM Radio CAT software

VU2FD's Amateur Radio Station

W2IHY Technologies 8 Band and Dual Band audio equalizers/noise gates for amateur radio applications

WC4H FREE Amateur Radio Classified Ads

Windows HAM Radio software

Award Winning Sites

This list is sorted from top to bottom as listed in the Top 50 HAM Radio Web Sites for the Year 2000. 

I have removed this site from the list, since you are here and have moved the new linked WC4H site to the above page section.

N5SDD's HAM Radio Chat!

SM6WXI's HAM website


Home Amateur Radio Community Site

K6XC HAM Radio Web Page

Northern California Spectrum

KE6FCT's Home Page

Tom's HAM Shop-K5OHM

Amateur Radio Online Swaps

PA2HJS HAM Radio Pages

W5FC Webpage ( Dallas Amateur Radio Club's website)

KIODZ's Amateur Radio Resources


Amateur Radio Page

JF3PLF's Home Page

HAM Radio Online

AF4XQ's Website

EC1AME-EB1IIT, Fernado in Spain.

100% HAM Radio

AC6V's Amateur Radio & DX Reference Guide

German HAM Radio AFU

HAM Radio Outlet

 HanRad-Amateur Radio Resource

Amateur Electronic Supply

Twin Cities Scanner and HAM Radio