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The Enemy is With in and With out our Nation!

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Silence is a killer. Silence without protest in regards to a given issue is an agreement with that issue.

This is why I post what I think is needed to be read.

There fore, I, Your Web-Master, am very FRUSTRATED due to you not reading the postings!

Wolves Howling At Your Door
(New 04-22-08)

On Islamist Websites: How to Join Al-Qaeda, Form a Jihad Cell, and Select a Western Target
(New 09-04-07)

Federal Holyland Foundation Trial in Dallas Unearths Muslim Brotherhood Plan To “Conquer” the U.S. and Turn It Into a Caliphate
(New 09-15-07)

Fire the Neocons, Fight the War
On October 11, 2000, George W. Bush said, "I don't think our troops ought to be used for what's called nation-building. I think our troops ought to be used to fight and win war."
In January 2003, President Bush was presented with two post-invasion plans for Iraq. One, authored by the Defense Department, called for a hard and fast invasion, establishment of a provisional government in Baghdad, and an exit from Iraq in very few months, to enable our forces to deal with the neighboring state sponsors of terrorism, Iran and Syria. The other, authored by the State Department and the CIA, was for the extended occupation and nation-building in Iraq.
In between was 9-11, and George Bush's conversion to the neocon "strategy" to fight the war we're in...

(New 09-02-07)

(New 09-13-07)

Power of the Pen - Voice of Victory
We are in the midst of Labor Day weekend, the weekend we celebrate our hard work by taking an extra day off of work - to play.  I ask you to set aside 1 hour this weekend to write a Letter to the Editor.  This letter can even do double duty, as once it is complete, you can fax it to your representative in Congress and share your voice with him/her as well.  Families United has over 50000 members, if each one of us writes just 1 letter - the editors across the country will find Patriotic messages in their inbox / mailbox on September 4!  Picture the Washington Post editor getting 2000 Support the Troops letters-to-the-editor  in 1 day!Below are tips for writing your letter, your hero's story is special and it is important to say it in your words.... 

(New 09-02-07)

Who are the WOLVES? Here are some of them:


Terror Chief: We Will Be Hit Again
(New 08-29-07)

 Our followers 'must live in peace until strong enough to wage jihad'
One of the world’s most respected Deobandi scholars believes that aggressive military jihad should be waged by Muslims “to establish the supremacy of Islam” worldwide.
Justice Muhammad Taqi Usmani argues that Muslims should live peacefully in countries such as Britain, where they have the freedom to practise Islam, only until they gain enough power to engage in battle.
His views explode the myth that the creed of offensive, expansionist jihad represents a distortion of traditional Islamic thinking....

(New 09-16-07)

UN in its Insanity appoints Iran at the head of its anti-Racism committee
(New 08-26-07)

Americans in Denial of Islamic Jihad and the Enemy Within for the Satanic New World Order here in the USA - Wake up, you FOOLS, the evidence is given that they are coming to kill you all, cut your heads off or Jail You All in internment camps! 

Excerpt above from the "Satanic Bible"

Horned Hand or The Mano Cornuto:

This gesture is the Satanic salute, a sign of recognition between and allegiance of members of Satanism or other unholy groups.

Ford ups gay support with more cash donations
(New 08-24-07)

Latest news on Ford Motor Company support of deviant Homosexual acts!
(New 08-24-07)

Go here and see what these Mexicans think about you and your families! is a racist hate group

WE TOTALLY REJECT all illegal European colonial squatter occupation borders
on our continent.

We also reject COLONIALISM'S right to keep stealing the wealth of our lands, our continent.

AND we also reject their artificial divisions of our people, and their right or power to define who we are as People on our continent!

Originally Posted by chloedog 
It seems as though the site no longer works. When you try to go to it it says "forbidden". I wonder why its not working?
i got on the site just a few minutes ago. HOLY**** NOW THATS RACIST!

Here is a quote from the founder of MALDEF..

5. Mario Obledo, founding member/former national director of Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), former CA Secretary Health/Welfare on Tom Leikus radio talk show
"We're going to take over all the political institutions in California. In five years the Hispanics are going to be the majority population of this state." Caller: "You also made the statement that California is going to become a Hispanic state and if anyone doesn't like it they should leave - did you say that?"
Obledo: "I did. They ought to go back to Europe."

6. Mario Obledo
CCIR commentary on Mario Obledo: When CCIR, the California Coalition for Immigration Reform, erected a billboard on the California/Arizona border reading, "WELCOME TO CALIFORNIA, THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION STATE", Mario Obledo, infuriated, went to the billboard location and threatened to blow it up or burn it down. Even after this threat to deny American citizens their freedom of speech, President Clinton awarded Obledo the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America's highest civilian honor. CCIR question to Obledo: "Jose Angel Gutierrez said, 'We have an aging white America, they are dying, I love it.' How would you translate that statement?" Obledo: "He's a good friend of mine. A very smart person."

Obama Vows Before La Raza: Amnesty by the End of First Term

Stop Her Now - Rescuing America from the Radical ideas of Hillary Clinton

Dear Concerned Citizen,

If you are ready to accept socialized health care, massive increases in government spending, higher taxes, a weak military and more government involvement in your business and life, then you are going to absolutely love what the future might hold.

But as a concerned American, I suspect that you find Hillary Clinton’s ultra-liberal views on key issues facing America today to be 100% opposite of everything you believe in.

That’s why I have stared an organization called “STOP HER NOW.”

News of the Future: "President Hillary Clinton Surrenders America"
It can credibly be argued that the presidential election of 2008 is the most important in the history of our Republic. Why? Because if we get this one wrong, Islamic terrorists will almost certainly strike into the heart of America. That is their stated goal. That is why they are paying so much attention to this election.
Political correctness has made us a weaker nation because it has killed some truths. The paramount truth most liberals, and most in the media, will not allow to be spoken, is that if you are in favor of comprehensive immigration reform, if you are in favor of ending or scaling back the “Patriot Act,” if you are in favor of stopping or even criminalizing warrantless wiretaps, if you are in favor of preventing our spy satellites from being used to protect our homeland, if you are in favor of never using facilities such as Guantanamo Bay to house murderous terrorists, if you are in favor of never letting our allies interrogate terrorists, then you are opening up the United States to a horrific terrorist attack. Period.....

(New 08-22-07)



Power Point with Jack Graham <>

Apr 5, 2007

Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be dispersed over the face of the whole earth.”

--Genesis 11:4

The society that built the Tower of Babel was rebellious and defiant. Even the king, Nimrod, stood and defied God publicly.

I think it’s safe to say that we see a similar situation in our own times.

The 1960s were the start of a time of serious political, social, and religious rebellion against the culture of that day…one in which God was held in much higher honor. Unfortunately, we are still seeing the negative results and repercussions of this spirit of rebellion. 

For example, today there are more pornography outlets than McDonald’s restaurants in America…the U.S.A. aborts 4,000 babies a day…and a teenager commits suicide in this country every 78 seconds. In addition, there’s been a 400% increase in the number of child abuse cases, and about 2 out of every 3 kids has used illegal drugs by the time they have finished high school.

My friend, we have just about finished building our own Tower of Babel in this country! America is trying to build its society without God, and that breeds evil, trouble, and rebellion. Babel became ancient Babylon, the symbol of a godless society that the Lord will judge and destroy.

If we’re not careful, this same spirit of evil could overtake America as well. But as Christians, we can help turn back the tide of evil that is sweeping across America. I challenge you today to be awake and alert, faithful in prayer and in your witness for Christ, so that the evil invading America does not overtake it without a fight of faith!


What we must do

From: "W.C.Taylor" <>
Sent: Apr 16, 2007 10:35 AM
Subject: What we must do

What a Terrible happening in the USA. We have problems here terror and crazy people. The only way to stop this is to require that every citizen is required to own a weapon or firearm. If these people had had a firearm they could have defended them selves.

This is not a problem with firearms it is a sign of the times. Our society is sick. Too many people running over others causing the postal problem.

Our Judges and leaders have to much corruption. They care not for the regular people of the USA.

9th Circuit endorses censoring Christians - Ruling says 'family values' is hate speech that scares city workers

The first thing that Hitler did when he went into office was Gun control. He took up all the guns.

We have a problem with our society. We have moved away from in God we trust. Our society has abandoned the ways of our fathers. We kill millions in abortion's each year. How can we expect God to bless us.

It is a terrible shame that each citizen must have a firearm . This need's to be done.

In the cities where this has been done the crime rate has dropped to nearly O.

Our leaders need to listen to me. I am not a rocket scientist but even I can see and know what to do.

A Christian American.

Our Very Politicians Ensure That Al Qaeda Destroys Us…Unless

To paraphrase Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for our elected officials to do nothing.”
That requirement is being met and evil is but the blink of an eye away from doing the unthinkable. Who among us is prepared to put country before party to save the dream that is America?

Democrats forge closer ties with extremist Muslim group
House Republicans have expressed concern that the Saudi-funded Muslim lobby is making serious inroads among Democrats in Congress. GOP members of Congress have warned that Saudi-funded groups were receiving preferential treatment under the new Democratic leadership.

- World Terrorism Report -

- Osama bin Laden News -

- Terrorism News by Country -

“Amnesty, coupled with a ratified Totalization Agreement, would then allow millions of Mexicans in the U.S. to use their new status to receive Social Security benefits based on the number of quarters (time) they worked in this country illegally.” - Representative John Culberson (TX)

More Americans have been and are now being killed by illegal aliens than our valiant soldiers have been killed in Iraq since 2003 - Issue: - March 13-19, 2007
Illegal immigration to the United States poses a lethal threat to Americans, according to a new report.



Al Gore's Mansion Described As Energy Hog


Anti-Americans Among Us


Strong But Honest Comments on the defeatist Left and our
dismal future under their direction

The Peaceful Majority Can Destroy US


Undermining the War on Terror 
With Democrats holding hearings to try to embarrass the Bush administration, FBI and CIA officials worry about the amount of time they have to devote to testifying on Capitol Hill and the number of people they have to divert from tracking terrorists to locating documents for hearings.
As it is, people at both agencies work night and day to prevent the next terrorist attack. Diverting personnel from hunting down terrorists who are determined to detonate a nuclear device in the United States so that Democrats can assess blame for intelligence failures that have since been addressed is not the way to win the war on terror.
Ronald Kessler is chief Washington correspondent of View his previous reports and get his dispatches sent to you FREE via e-mail.
Go Here Now.

Status of the World -- Effects on Businesses, our Culture and our Way of Life
Currently, there are four major transformations that are shaping political, economic and world events. These transformations have profound implications for American business owners, our culture and our way of life.

Congress to Send Critics to Jail, Says Richard Viguerie

Amendment 20 in the Senate, which deleted Section 220, to restrict grassroots communications, from S 1, the lobby reform bill
You can see who voted for and against this vital amendment

Toward a more Savage Nation
The Shill Media are offering up the usual pabulum about presidential contenders, disgorging reportage about the vapid and venal that's more soap opera than scoop. With mock surprise they speak of the presidential aspirations of Rudy, Lady Macbeth and Brokeback Obama, as they treat platitudes and political sloganeering as if they were less empty than the minds that regurgitate them. But amidst the din of this much-ado — about-nothing quest for copy, the media have missed — perhaps quite conveniently — the only truly scintillating story of the 2008 election. Radio talk show host Michael Savage is mulling a run for the White House...