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Dear James,

Are you ready for this?

"Police sniffer dogs trained to spot terrorists at railway stations may no longer come into contact with Muslim passengers - after complaints that it is against the suspects' religion." So begins the story below from Britain's Daily Express.

Fifteen years ago who would have thought such an absurdity possible? How did Great Britain come to this point?

The answer is both complex and simple. The simple answer is this: As Muslim militancy gradually increased, most Brits didn't pay attention. Those who did apparently did not do enough to ring the alarm bells necessary to awaken their fellow citizens.

I draw your attention to this because the choices we make today will help determine what kind of society we have in five, ten or fifteen years from now.

In ten years will it be illegal here in America for someone like me to speak out against radical Islam? Will a dirty bomb be detonated in five years because some Muslim FBI Arabic translators deliberately misinterpreted critical intelligence intercepts? In twelve years will a federal court rule that denying Muslims the right to be governed by sharia law is discriminatory?

Sound impossible? Why? How many things happening today in England - or even here in America - would have been thought possible ten years ago?

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The British statesman Edmund Burke wrote: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Most Americans haven't been awakened to the threat that faces us. If those of us who have been awakened fail to take actions that we are able to take, the unthinkable will happen here just as it is happening in Great Britain.

But if each of us does something, if each of us does what we can do, we will create the grassroots force necessary to prevent the unthinkable from happening here in America.

As we reflect this July 4th weekend on the blessings of liberty we inherited from those who sacrificed their lives, fortunes and sacred honor, let's each do what we can to ensure those blessings of liberty and safety are passed on to the generations that follow us.

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Brigitte Gabriel


Friday June 27,2008
By Tom Whitehead, Home Affairs Correspondent


POLICE sniffer dogs trained to spot terrorists at railway stations may no longer come into contact with Muslim passengers – after complaints that it is against the suspects’ religion.

A report for the Transport Department has raised the prospect that the animals should only touch passengers’ luggage because it is considered “more acceptable”.

In the Muslim faith, dogs are deemed to be spiritually “unclean”. But banning them from touching passengers would severely restrict their ability to do their job.

The report follows trials of station security measures in the wake of the 2005 London suicide bomb attacks. In one trial, some female Muslims said the use of a body scanner was also unacceptable because it was tantamount to being forced to strip.

British Transport Police last night insisted it would still use sniffer dogs – which are trained to detect explosives – with any passengers regardless of faith, but handlers would remain aware of “cultural sensitivities”.

Critics said the complaints were just the latest example of minority religions trying to force their rules and morals on British society.

Tory MP Philip Davies said: “As far as I am concerned, everyone should be treated equally in the face of the law and we cannot have people of different religious groups laying the law down. I hope the police will go about their business as they would do normally.”

News of the security setback came as the Government yesterday admitted that installing 100 per cent airport-style screening at rail and Tube stations was “not feasible”.

Instead extra sniffer dogs and X-ray machines will be used to search passengers.

During the trials, passengers stopped in London had the exterior of their bags checked by dogs. But in Brighton, dogs patrolled the station concourse and were walked past passengers by their handlers.

The report concluded: “The use of sniffer dogs was generally problem­atic for Muslim respondents on rel­igious grounds if there was the potential for the dog to make direct contact with them.”

When Muslims have washed for certain forms of worship, they would have to repeat the ritual if they came into contact with a dog.

One young Asian man told re­searchers: “We are not supposed to have dogs. It is against our religion.”

Another Asian man said: “I don’t mind dogs in the park or walking near me, but sniffer dogs? I don’t think that’s right, on the station, the way they use them.”

Massoud Shadjareh, chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Com­mission, said even dogs touching baggage would be an issue for a Muslim preparing to pray. But he stressed that it should be easy to allow dogs to check passengers
without physical contact.

“There is a way of dealing with this and we just need to be sensitive,” he said.

In another trial on the Heathrow Express platform at Paddington station in London, there were inst­ances when the body scan – which creates an image on a monitor – was considered unacceptable by female Muslims, the report said.

One Muslim woman complained: “Sometimes I wear clothing which is not so tight. It will be shown on (the monitor) and somebody is looking at it. It defeats the whole purpose of me covering up.”

The report, on five rail security trials in 2006, also showed that some Asians and black people felt they could be selected for tests because of their ethnicity.

A Transport Department spokes­man said the use of sniffer dogs was a matter for the police. But he stressed that the report was only a conclusion of passengers’ views.

A British Transport Police spokes­man said sniffer dogs would continue to be used with any passenger but officers would be considerate where appropriate.

He added: “We are obviously aware of, and sensitive to, cultural sensitivities. BTP officers do have the power to stop and search anyone under Section 44 of the Terrorism Act.

“This also covers the use of dog handlers and dogs, which are used to ‘indicate’ any substance they have been trained to detect.

“As a force we obviously look at any or all feedback about how people from all faiths and backgrounds view the use of dogs, and how we can incorporate that into how the dogs and their handlers interact with people.”

Announcing new security measures to screen Tube and mainline rail passengers, the Government said yesterday that surveys had shown the public would be unlikely to accept major delays to journeys.

People also wanted to ensure their personal privacy was protected.

British Transport Police said it was enhancing its existing stop and search capabilities with the use of X-ray equipment for screening bags, along with the deployment of more sniffer dogs. It said a proportion of passengers and their bags would be searched with minimal delay and inconvenience to the public.

Transport Minister Tom Harris said: “We will continue to work with British Transport Police and rail operators to assess the effectiveness and impact of these new measures.

“We will use this evidence, and that from elsewhere in the UK and abroad, to develop further ways of keeping the travelling public secure using proportionate measures.”


02.07.08, 8:38pm

Excuse me - but isn't this going too far? The sniffer dogs are needed - it's part of our life in the west. If the Muslims feel offended - then perhaps they should consider one or two things -- either leave to go to a country where there aren't any dogs used in the security and wellbeing of a country OR - be like the rest of us and LIVE WITH IT!

This is incredible - they hate pigs, so banks can no longer give out piggy banks. They can't handle pork products as they work in a checkout stand in a grocery store, they refuse service animals in taxicabs and we have to adjust our lives around their dislikes.

If we as nations continue to appease those who have no inkling to accept the customs of the country they CHOSE to immigrate to - then we are done for.

I'm a third generation American. My ancestors came from various lands and were extremely proud to serve the countries they emigrated to. Why is it that they have to be different than the rest of us?

Again, if you do not like the customs/lifestyle of the country YOU chose to immigrate to, there are planes, boats, trains leaving the land every day. Be on them. We have enough problems without having to deal with spoiled brats.

• Posted by: Hinda39 Report Comment



02.07.08, 3:51pm

The poor dogs!, you try sniffing Muslims all day, it can't be fun :)
Just kidding I take it all back... please don't delete me ... god made me do it.

• Posted by: Miller6616_BNP Report Comment



02.07.08, 7:05am

Oh yeah I remember... it is because there are people who are exploding themselves to kill others who don't believe that their religion is a religion of peace.

Afterall koran 58:5 says "Those who reject Allah and His messenger (Muhammad) will be reduced to dust..."

• Posted by: AnnaDoe Report Comment



02.07.08, 1:37am

f these people do not like the rules we have in this country, which are not rules specially designed to persecute them please note, then they have the option to, to put it in excessively kind language, go elsewhere. There is no shortage of "Muslim" countries. All Pakistanis retain Pakistani citizenship. (BTW, "Pakistan" means land of the pure people, in other words it's yet more high offensiveness from the most detested "religion" in history.) That those countries all give a second-rate existence to their inhabitants is sadly the inevitable consequence of a "religion" whose founder is shown by Islam's own "sacred" texts as endorsing deceit instead of honesty, and brutality instead of reasoning.

• Posted by: AReligionFoundedByTerrorist Report Comment



01.07.08, 9:48pm

Look, the Muslims declared a holy Jihad in Lebanon in the early seventies,at the time the only Christian democracy in the middle east, and it is now a Hizballah controlled , Islamist nation, amongst the most radical Muslim nations in the world.
Europe did nothing but criticize Israel, the only other non muslim (Jewish) democracy in the middle east, for interfering and backing the Christians.
Now those same Muslims have declared a Holy Jihad on Europe. It may still not be too late to save Christendom, but time is running out.Its time that British Muslims stood up to the bullies in their own camp, and for all Britains to get a grip.

• Posted by: dsoumekh Report Comment



01.07.08, 8:19pm

Its just another way for muslims to whine, as I have said here in the USA, if you do not want to blend into sociatey, then for gods sake leave!! I am so tired of muslims wanting special treatment for their religon, wanting tax dollars so they can have foot baths in public places, completely isolated rooms for females to exercise!!! have a school here in Virginia that graduates killers and the school is still here, up and running, one of them was convicted for trying to assinate the president, you might not like our president, but I find it highly unaceptable for a radical to try it. By 2012 or 2020, guess it really doesn't matter but your neighbor France will be totally muslim, and am afraid the Brits will be next and you know what that means!! Sharia Law and the united states won't be far behind, not unless we get LESS sensitive, and LESS politically correct!!! The governments must stop all this nonsence and do it before it to late,I for one do not wish to be forced to accept muslim law or be a muslim, of course I wouldn't they would have to killl me.

• Posted by: mspidge Report Comment