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There's one myth that exists in the minds of millions of Americans and small business owners:


Looking at the facts, it's hard to believe otherwise. Doing business is just getting more costly. The minimum wage is increasing and gas and energy prices are through the roof. A multi-billion dollar mortgage bail-out bill is signed, sealed, delivered and Congress wants to force businesses to provide health insurance to their employees or face more taxes.

Despite the realities of the current economic slump, certain politicians want to increase the capital gains tax, increase taxes on dividends, increase taxes on gasoline and even tax the gas you exhale!

Many businesses are struggling without these insane tax increases. Imagine what things would be like with a President Obama in the White House and a solid Democratic majority in the House and Senate. You can practically watch your tax bill creeping higher and higher with every passing day. It's like a teenager with a no-limit credit card. First, it'll be "just for emergencies". And before you know it, someone's knocking on your door looking for money. Someone has to pay and it's going to be you!

All the while, you're trying to save money to fund your childrens' college, secure your retirement and simply try to make ends meet.


Hi, I'm Drew Miles.  I'm a retired attorney and business man and, believe it or not, you have a choice! You don't have to sit by while bureaucrats in Washington play with your hard-earned money. There are two types of tax systems in this country: The educated and the uneducated and I'm going to tell you about them.

The vast majority of Americans are grossly overpaying their taxes. In fact, taxes eat up almost fifty (50%) percent of every dollar you make.

Regardless whether you're a business owner or an employee-
As an American, you can't afford to throw your money away.

If fifty percent taxes sounds a little high, take out any one of your recent pay stubs and see for yourself.  You have one line of income (the top line) and three or four lines of taxes deducted.  The Federal tax rate currently goes up to 35%, and some states charge as much as 9.6%. You may also have to pay a City tax.

Then, you've got what I call the invisible tax killer -- Social Security or FICA.  I call it that because most people are unaware that, while they must pay 7.65% directly from their pay check, the employer must match it with another 7.65%. (That affects what your employer can pay YOU.) In my book, that's over 15% of your money being taken out. This is the uneducated tax system. You pay your taxes and keep whatever amount the government decides you can keep.

It would be a terrible shame if there was nothing we could do about it.  Yet, the amazing thing is that there are lots of things that the average person can do to legally reduce their taxes by as much as fifty (50%) percent or more.

You are only taking ten (10%) percent of the deductions available to you.

Missed deductions are costing you money -- lots of money in fact.  I have found that even the most savvy business people are taking only about ten percent of the deductions available to them -- even if they have the advice of accountants and CPA's.   No matter how big or small your business is, you can't afford to overpay any expenses, least of all your taxes.

Now we'll talk about the Educated tax system.

What I'm going to share with you could get me into big trouble with "the establishment". You see, they don't want you to know this, but the richest people in this country pay single-digit taxes -- that's right, less than ten (10%) percent.  (In fact, it can be as low as 4% -5%). And it's all perfectly legal.  That's why the rich keep getting richer and you're stuck struggling with the financial ups and downs of the economy.

But the good news is that you can use the very same strategies as these rich people and enjoy the very same savings benefits. And it's all legal!

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I'm going to give you a quick crash course in tax law. Nothing too complicated. Just enough to show you that when politicians say that the rich are unfairly using the tax code to "dodge" taxes, it's not only a lie, but the courts have long held that it's your right to use the tax laws and pay the minimum in taxes.

The precedent that our work relies on is a case that was decided decades ago called Gregory v. Helvering, 293 U.S. 465 (1935). In that case, famed Supreme Court Justice Learned Hand was quoted as saying:

"Anyone may arrange his affairs so that his taxes shall be as low as possible; he is not bound to choose that pattern which best pays the treasury. There is not even a patriotic duty to increase one's taxes. Over and over again the Courts have said that there is nothing sinister in so arranging affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible. Everyone does it, rich and poor alike and all do right, for nobody owes any public duty to pay more than the law demands."

The case was originally brought in 1932 when the IRS took exception to certain structuring put in place by the tax payer. It ultimately gave rise to the "substance over form doctrine" which stands for the proposition that any structuring that a tax payer does must be done for legitimate business reasons, not merely for the purpose of avoiding taxes. Stated another way, the doctrine of substance over form is essentially that, for Federal tax purposes, a taxpayer is bound by the economic substance of a transaction where the economic substance varies from its legal form.

Yet, this doctrine is misunderstood by most tax professionals even to this day.

What the Court found objectionable in the Gregory case was that the tax payer put together this elaborate scheme for the sole purpose of avoiding taxes. There were no asset protection or other business reasons cited by the parties. As such, the court disregarded all the fancy maneuvering and held that Ms. Gregory was liable for the tax. Clearly, the case would have gone in her favor if there was a separate and distinct business purpose.

So what does Justice Hand's now famous quote mean to us?

  1. It is perfectly legitimate for a business owner to protect himself from liability by structuring things through an entity such as a corporation or limited liability company. You are not ducking responsibility, you are taking legal advantage of the very structures that our legal system gave rise to.
  2. Do your entity structuring well in advance of any anticipated transactions, especially large ones. Mrs. Gregory's stock transfer would have been worth tens of millions of dollars in today's economy. It's best to put the entities to work with one another and establish a normal course of business dealing between them.
  3. Educate your tax professional so they don't think that you are trying to "get away" with something awful when you structure things most favorably. It's your right as a citizen.

Now, you are going to be able to move into the educated tax system yourself.  That's because for the first time I am going to share these incredible tax-saving strategies with you and once you know them, you can keep more of your hard-earned money in your own pocket.  Much more.

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Please allow me to show you an example.

When Steph joined our program, her business was making about $50,000 annually.  Her family accountant had already made some headway in reducing her taxes; and was proud that she was paying about $12,000 in taxes, that's about 24%.

Here's an illustration of what's Steph's situation looked like before joining our program:

Income                                $50,000
FICA                                     <$7,500>
Fed & State Taxes           <$4,500>

Total Taxes Paid               $12,000

One day Steph called to tell me that her accountant felt that he was already doing everything possible to reduce her taxes. "You're not going to save any more money in that program", he said.  In the face of conflicting advice, she asked me what to do.  I responded "let's get him on a conference call".

As an attorney, I recognized that I was the outsider and that I had very little time to prove my case.   After exchanging "pleasantries" with him, I got right to work.

Noting that FICA (Social Security tax) was one of her largest expenses (just as it probably is for you), I suggested a strategy that would slash it to the bear minimum. After disclosing my plan, I verified with her CPA that it was completely legal and he said "Yes, I can help her do that".  Then I asked an important question:  "How much will this save Steph?"  When he verbalized the figure, I did what any astute attorney would do -- I wrote down his answer.

Next on the list, was health care.  With her two young kids, Steph's medical insurance premiums were significant. Steph's accountant was using the uneducated system for this deduction and, unfortunately in that system, there are caps on the amount of medical costs you can deduct.  I explained that under Section 105 and 106 in the educated system a properly documented business plan can deduct ALL insurance premiums, ALL deductibles, ALL co-pays and even items that are not covered by insurance.

I asked Steph's attorney how much that strategy would save her and again, I wrote down his answer.

Feeling that the conversation was beginning to go in my favor, I asked for one more example to make my final point.  Because Steph wanted to advance her career, she had invested heavily in her education. She was attending continuing education courses at night at the local college and she had also built up quite a library of books and training tapes as well as participating in weekend seminars.  To date, she had been paying for these things from her personal savings.  

I explained that her education was a deductible business expense under Sec 162, and that Uncle Sam could underwrite her education costs.

Again, her CPA calculated the amount and again I wrote down her savings. 

After spending just 15 minutes on the phone and reviewing only three (3) strategies together, this is what Steph's "after" picture looked like:

Income                                  $50,000
FICA                                          <$500>
Fed & State Taxes                <$300>

Total Taxes Paid                    $800

Steph's Tax Savings $11,200

Can you imagine investing just 15 minutes of your time and uncovering over $11,000 in taxes?  And that is year after year savings, for as long as she has a business.   And that's on only $50,000 in income.  The incredible thing is that in the educated tax system, the more you make, the more you save.  If you make $100,000, you may be able to double your savings and so on.

Now get ready for this.  As I told you, during that 15 minute conversation, we only had time to go over three strategies.  You better hold onto your hat because in fact there are over 300 individual deductions available to business people.  Steph saved over $11,000 with just three strategies. How much do you think you can save by knowing all 300?

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To Your Success,

Drew Miles, J.D.
The Tax Saving Attorney™

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