Proof UN Climate Models in support of Man Made Global Warming Got it Wrong
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From: GreenWatchAmerica
Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2008 9:38 PM
Subject: Proof: UN Climate Models Got it Wrong


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Oooops! The U.N. IPCC published predictions by its climate models: The UN Climate Models Got it Wrong: No Warming Yet This Century


The Washington Post writer Joel Achenbach fears the fashion of blaming every disaster on Global Warming threatens The True Faith. Global Warming Did It!  Well, Maybe Not


But it won't stop as long as scientists in almost any field can win funding and feed media hysteria with some far-fetched global warming connection in their research:


Melting ice caps will lead to shellfish invasion but read the whole story: it's a good thing!


Canadian Govt: Global warming means more raw sewage in local water, maybe, someday. Meanwhile let's raise taxes to pay for it now! 

Most Egregious Claim of the Week:
Usually this section features some sort of snarky comment but I'm afraid all the snark in world couldn't do justice to this column from the Guardian in the UK:

"...the idea that we could adapt to a 4C rise is absurd and dangerous. Global warming on this scale would be a catastrophe that would mean, in the immortal words that Chief Seattle probably never spoke, "the end of living and the beginning of survival" for humankind. Or perhaps the beginning of our extinction.

"The collapse of the polar ice caps would become inevitable, bringing long-term sea level rises of 70-80 metres. All the world's coastal plains would be lost, complete with ports, cities, transport and industrial infrastructure, and much of the world's most productive farmland. The world's geography would be transformed much as it was at the end of the last ice age, when sea levels rose by about 120 metres to create the Channel, the North Sea and Cardigan Bay out of dry land. Weather would become extreme and unpredictable, with more frequent and severe droughts, floods and hurricanes. The Earth's carrying capacity would be hugely reduced. Billions would undoubtedly die." 

You hear that?  Billions.  I don't think Mr. Tickell got Mr. Achenbach's memo.
Patrick Gallagher, Editor
Richard Vigilante, Publisher