S&W Model 386 Revolver 7 round 357MAG/.38+P HIVIZ®
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Smith & Wesson

386 SC / Titanium, Alloy



.357 Magnum


One of the most radical S&W .357s is the 386PD, a L frame, Scandium/Titanium model with light-gathering sights that fires seven rounds and weighs just 18.5 ounces.




SKU: item_163687

Model: 386
Caliber: .357MAG/.38+P
Capacity: 7 Rounds
Barrel Length: 3 1/8"
Front Sight: "Light Gathering" HIVIZ®

Rear Sight: Adjustable V-Notch
Grip: Rubber Grips
Frame: Medium
Finish: Matte
Overall Length: 8 1/8"
Material: Alloy
Weight Empty: 18.5 oz.

SKU: item_163687


Smith & Wesson combined a Scandium alloy frame with a Titanium cylinder to build the strongest and lightest weight 7-shot .357 Magnum revolver made. The result...maximum power in a small, lightweight, easy-to-carry package. Scandium alloy is used for small, medium and large frame revolvers. Smith & Wesson's lightest and strongest revolvers deliver dependable power every time.




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S&W 386PD Mountain Lite, .357M

Revolver Action: Single / Double Caliber: 357 Remington Mag Barrel Length: 3 1/8" Capacity: 7 rd Grips: Hogue Bantam; Sights: Hi-Viz Orange Dot (Front); Adj V-Notch (Rear) Weight: 18.5 oz Finish: Scandium/Titanium/Stainless Steel


Smith & Wesson's new Model 386 PD "AirLite" Se™, a lightweight seven-shot .357 Magnum DA revolver. After seeing its sales base erode exponentially as a result of its capitulation to the wishes of anti-gunners, Smith & Wesson has recently been bought out by Saf-T-Hammer, a U.S. manufacturer of gun locks owned by a former long-time S&W employee, and the Tomkins reign of terror is at an end. We wish the new owners of Smith & Wesson well, and we hope to see S&W restored to its proper place at the forefront of American firearms manufacture and freedom!

Smith & Wesson Model 386 Airlite PD



357 Magnum


7 Cylinder


The S&W Model 386 Airlite Personal Defense has been proven to be a challenge to the company.  Not content to stay with traditional alloys such as aluminum and titanium, the 386 Airlite PD makes use of Scandium added to their base alloy frame to greatly reduce the weight of the revolver while increasing the durability of the design to pressure.  

As such the revolver is capable of firing the traditional 38 Special loads but can also fire full magnum loads without concern of deterioration to the frame over time.  Based on similar large cylinder designs of the company the end result is a lightweight revolver capable of firing powerful magnum loads.  The response has been positive thus fire as the company has introduced a series of Scandium enhanced revolvers which the 386 Airlite PD is but one of.  However for those seeking a lightweight frame Magnum for carry this revolver is rapidly gaining attention.










38 Spec









357 Mag












Minimum Magnum: if it were any lighter…you'd have to tie it down

Guns Magazine,  March, 2003  by Jim Gardner

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Fall mornings in the desert can be pretty crisp. I left the house early, enjoying the long drive in the darkness, but now, with only a faint glimmer along the horizon, I'm ready for the sunrise. A tiny fire of dead greasewood branches warms my hands and perfumes the air with pungent woodsmoke. The barely noticeable tug on my hip comes from the flyweight S&W I've driven here to shoot.

A fit of nostalgia sends me rummaging through the truck, where I find the scuffed holster that carries my first .357 revolver. I haul it back to the fire to look at and enjoy the feel of this old piece of iron.

A S&W Model 28 "Highway Patrolman," the feel of it brings back countless memories. Thoughts of many other campfires with this old Smith at my side, and memories of a teenage kid pumping 32 cent gas to make the $120 purchase price.

Unholstering the new S&W 386PD, the contrast is amazing. The beefy, N-framed Model 28 weighs a hefty 42 ounces. At only 17.5 ounces, the 386 is less than half as heavy.


December 28th, 2002, 02:03 PM

Smith & Wesson Titanium/Titanium-Scandium revolvers.

About six months ago my curiousity got the better of me and I purchased a S&W 386 TiScan. This is a 7-shot .357 "Mountain Lite" with a 3+ inch barrel. At this point in time I've put about 500 rounds through it about equally distributed between 38 special +P's and a variety of .357 stuff. Accuracy has been excellent (although I am no great shooter) and recoil was not a really big deal with either type of ammo. True, shooting .357 in it will keep me awake but it has not been the hand wrenching, finger tearing experience many talked about. So, after this amount of time has passed I am quite curious as to the experience of others about guns of this ilk. Good shooting:)



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Testing of the S&W 386 Air Weight series Scandium Alloy in 357 Mag.

I was looking for a back up gun……so I wanted something that was practical and light weight for extended carry. I looked at all the S&W Air Weight models and settled on the Model 386 in 357 mag with the 7 shot Titanium cylinder in an L-frame. I also wanted this model ordered with the 3 1/8 inch Stainless Steel barrel. Weight of the weapon is a little over 18 Ounces.

I decided on the longer barrel because I wanted a weapon that was going to be able to use most of the power packed in the bullet I would be using and give me some accuracy on extended distances. This gun along with one speedloader gives you an additional 14 rounds to defend yourself when things have gotten bad---maybe real bad.

The weapon’s fit and finish were excellent………something I would expect for this high end type of Revolver . The cylinder was tight at lock up, with just the tiniest amount of play. The single action pull of the trigger was crisp with absolutely no creep.

Double action was the standard S&W pull, but unless the internal trigger lock prevents it---a trigger job should lighten the double action pull considerably. This is something I will have to look into.

I tested the gun with Federal Hydra Shok ammo 38 +P 129gr bullets. This was the stuff I intended to carry in the gun for now. Although the gun is rated for 357 Mag rds I would never consistently shoot the gun at this maximum load and pressures. I like to “use “ my weapons a lot for practice and I wouldn’t want to stress this new Scandium alloy to its Max for thousands of rounds.

Firing the gun loaded with the +p’s was not uncomfortable and I had good control over accuracy. The gun was delivered with the sights ( rear adjustable) needing much adjustment. After this was accomplished and a few hundred rounds were fired, the gun settled in to provide a nice tight grouping at 30 feet in a combat stance. All rounds could be easily placed into a 2 inch circle.

After some testing ,it was clear to me that I wouldn’t want to carry much more of a powerful load than what I was shooting. These light weight alloy guns are a handful to hold onto, to say the least. The +P Hydra Shoks produced quite a large muzzle flash out the front of the barrel.

The factory Hogue Bantum grips made the weapon a lot easier to handle I think, and maybe the reason why they come standard on this series of Air Weights (Magnums). The more I shot this gun , the more I grew to like it. I have been shooting Semi-Auto’s for so many years I had forgotten the feel of a revolver.

BY the way—no miss-fires, no jams, no magazine failures, no stove pipes………the perfect reason to buy this “type” of gun as a back-up IMHO.

One note of concern: S&W placed a metal “clip” over top of the barrel , and attached to the backstrap to prevent muzzle blast from cutting into this area.

But what that has done is directed the blast onto the top of the Titanium cylinder. So at each cylinder hole you wind up with a powder burn mark on the outside of the cylinder.

I was concerned about the appearance of this and called S&W to see if they had a solution, as I could not get the burn marks off the Titanium with normal gun cleaners. They advised me to buy a product called “Never Dull Polish”, which I found at my local Boating supply house.

Amazingly this stuff takes off powder residue without abrasives! The Titanium cylinder now looks as if the gun was never fired. Only the slight drag marks left by the cylinder lock on the back of the cylinder--- indicates the gun has been used.

Although this is not the smallest Air weight I could have bought ( an easiest to hide), I am satisfied with my choice. I wanted the 7 round cylinder so I had to take the Medium L- frame. I am not sure it is practical to fire 357 Magnums from these guns, but it is certainly within their specs. I can imagine the muzzle blast to be very distracting using this high caliber during night time use. I wanted something more than just a contact gun ( belly gun) and I think I found just the perfect weapon in the 386.



The "L"-frame family of revolvers is one of the youngest and smallest of all S&W families. It was announced in 1980 with four models, all chambered in .357 magnum - 581, 681, 586 and 686. All those revolvers were similar in design, and differed only in materials and sight types: models 581 and 586 were carbon steel, 681 and 686 - stainless steel; models 581 and 681 had fixed rear sights, models 586 and 686 had adjustable sights.

The idea behind the whole "L"-frame family was to create revolvers, strong enough to withstand a steady diet of full-power .357 Magnum ammunition while being comfortable to carry for long periods.

Basically, these guns were intended as "ideal" service revolvers in 357 magnum.

Previous S&W revolvers in .357 Magnum had some drawbacks from that point of view: K-frame revolvers like Model 19 or Model 66 were light but not strong enough for constant usage of powerfull ammunition;

N-framed guns, like Model 28 or Model 627 were exceptionally strong, but also too big and heavy.

So "L"-framed guns were born as compromise between K and N frames - grip part of the "L" frame is similar to "K" frame, and cylinder part is much stronger, like that of "N" frame.

"L"-framed revolvers quickly became a real success, and were adopted and still are used by many police departments across USA. They also became popular across civilian shooters who needed powerful and stong, but moderately sized revolver.

Later, S&W developed a set of revolvers in .44 Spl, based on the same frame - models 696 (stainless steel), 296 AirLite Ti (with Bodyguard-like shrouded hammer) and 396 AirLite Sc (Aluminium-Scandium frame, Titanium cylinder). All these guns have 5-shot cylinders and intended for those who wanted to launch bigger slugs from a relatively compact gun.

Latest addition to the "L"-frame family is a model 386 in MountainLite and PD modifications. Model 386 has frame and cylinder dimensions of any other "L"-framed guns, but frame is made from newest lightweight and strong Al-Sc alloy, and cylinder is made from Titanium. Gun is extremely light for such powerful ammo, and has 2 1/2 inch (PD) or 3 inch lightweight (MountainLite) barrels. Another recent addition is a Model 686 Plus, which has seven shot cylinder.

Technically, all "L"-framed revolvers are similar to any other modern S&W revolvers. They have double-action trigger, firing pin is mounted on the hammer.

Lockwork featured safety bar, which does not allow to hammer to hit the primer unless the trigger is pressed. Cylinder is locked to the frame by two locks - one at the rear of the cylinder (operated manually by the latch on the left side of the frame), and another on the underbarrel lug (spring-loaded plunger).

For loading and ejection cylinder is swung out to the left. Most guns have heavy barrels with solid upper ribs and heavy, full length underbarrel lugs. MountainLite guns have lightweight barrels without upper rib and with short underbarrel lug.

On most models sights are ramped post front and adjustable rear. Fixed sights models are no longer in production, but S&W Custom shop does small runs of the factory customised M681 revolvers. Cylinder capacity is 6 rounds on most models in .357 Magnum, 7 rounds of .357 in model 686 Plus and 5 rounds if chambered for .44 Special. Some models also may feature factory ported barrels to reduce muzzle jump and felt recoil.

In general, "L"-frame revolvers are excellent combat, self-defence, hunting and sport guns, still wery popular, and not only in USA.


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HKS Speedloaders for Revolvers (New 09-11-06)

Revolver Speedloader Revolver Speedloaders
Revolver Speedloader Revolver Speedloaders

Item ID Size/Style Applications Price
"A" Series Speedloaders -- No cartridge jiggle, popular twist knob
587A .38/.357
7 Shot
S&W 386, 686, 620 (7 Shot)
Taurus 66, 617, 627, 817, 827

HKS Speedloader Cases for Revolver Speedloaders (New 09-11-06)

Model 203
Dupont Hytrel® Double Case
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Model 103
Leather Double Case - Single Case Also Available
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Model 100
Cordura Double Case (Shown in Black)

Crimson Trace - S&W K, L and N Frame Square Butt 


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2.00 LBS.

Price: $179.00

MSRP: $229.00


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LG-207 fits S&W K,L, and N medium and large frame revolvers, round and square butt frames, models 10 thru 29, 48, 53, 56, 57, 58, 64, 65, 66, 67, 242, 296, 386, 396, 520, 547, 586, 610, 617, 624, 625, 627, 629, 648, 657 and 686.

Traditionally styled for your time-honored six-shooter
- Full polymer design with carefully designed checkering provides smooth, snag free draw for those unexpected trophy shots

- Built tough enough to withstand up to .44 mag in recoil.

- Left or right-handed instinctive activation

- Master on/off switch for complete system override

- Fully adjustable for windage and elevation