Earth Entering New Ice Age?
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Since 08-26-08


Global cooling is gaining momentum among prominent scientists.


A Mexican scientist predicts that due to diminished solar activity, earth will descend into a "Little Ice Age" lasting 60-80 years (translated from Spanish.  Spanish speakers can find original story here).


Another scientist predicts a climate similar to the one earth had in the 1800's within 15 years.


Has it already started?  2008 on track to be coldest year this century.


Alaskan residents are calling 2008 "the year without summer."


Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota have seen temperatures in August drop below freezing.


In England, the harvest has been delayed by the unusually cool temperatures, while sales of thermal underwear have skyrocketed.


Most Egregious Claim of the Week:


Nancy Pelosi, appearing on Meet the Press this week, stated that the surge in Iraq has been a failure because, among a handful of other reasons, the Maliki-led Government has failed to pass a carbon law.


No word on whether she feels the same way about the Democrat-led Congress.


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